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Новини CID UNESCO — Березень 2014

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01. Promote your event
Send poster or flyer of your event (festival, competition, workshop, performance, book presentation etc.) to be posted on the CID Panorama website:

02. International Certification
More and more dance schools offer International Certification to their students. Validate your teaching, ask the CID Secretariat to issue Dance Passports for your school.

03. Workshop in Haiti
17 to 31 July 2014, classes and workshops will be held in Jacmel and Port-au-Prince.

04. Contemporary dance solo contest
In Gdansk, Poland, 6-8 June 2014. Each dancer can submit maximum two solos, lasting between 5 and 20 minutes. Prizes: 3,000 & 2,000 & 1,000 euros.

05. Dance World Cup, Canada
Official CID competition in Niagara Falls, 4-6 July 2014, for dancers of all ages in all styles of dance. Niagara cruise, formal evening with dinner and show plus workshops. Cirque du Soleil casting will be on-site to scout for dancers for their productions worldwide.

06. Festival & competition in Russia
From folk to modern, in St. Petersburg 25-29 April 2014. Competitions, workshops, performances and social dancing in Folk and other styles of dance. All ages and levels of dancers from children to seniors, beginners to professionals.

07. Festival in Jordan
16-22 May 2014, all forms of dance, all ages. Offering meals, accommodation, local transportation. Show duration 5-20 minutes.

08. Folk festival in Indonesia
15-22 June 2014 in East Kalimantan. Offering meals, acommodation, local transportation. 

09. Folk festival in Sardinia, Italy
From 25 July to 4 August 2014. Offering meals, acommodation, local transportation. 

10. Festival in Armenia
In the city of Tsaxkadzor, 5-10 October 2014. Accommodation and board is 150 euros per person.

11. Congress in Spain
Theme: Dance research and education: Gender and Social Inclusion, to be held in Malaga, 24-26 April 2014. 

12. Scholarship for dance, theatre, circus
Scholarships for professional performers from different countries: dancers, choreographers, actors, circus.

13. Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival
in Athens, Greece, 19-22 June 2014. Inviting solos and groups from all over the globe. Tel/Fax.+30 210 973

14. World Congress in Athens
2-6 July 2014. Meet colleagues for other countries, discuss cooperation with them, combine it with holidays. Registrations are open, as well as proposals for presentations (research reports, lectures, classes, performances, video projections, exhibitions) also by absentee presenters. All presentations will be published online: 

15. Folk festival in Greece
28-31 August 2014 invites ensembles, offering hotel residence, full board.

16. Festival in Portugal
A large forum for performing, meeting, dancing and interacting, 26 September to 12 October 2014. Choreographers, dance companies and video directors are welcome to submit their projects.

17. Communicate
To call free of charge: our address is: cid-president001
To send SMS, our mobile phone number is: +33 6 2801 0811
To send membership fee: to
To translate the CID Circular or other texts:
You can also use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to reach us.

18. Folk Dance Festival-Competition in Russia
26-30 April 2014 in Moscow. Gala-concert devoted to the International Dance Day. Inviting dancers and ensembles from all over the world.

The CID Circular is sent every month to Members of the CID and select dance professionals in 200 countries. 
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